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Welcome to Dysbooks

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Dysbooks aims to help dyslexics connect with literacy. It is partly a book review and discussion website that fosters an environment where people are not judged based on their spelling or grammar. It also produces information on writing and dyslexic authors to act as an inspiration to other dyslexics, and those supporting them. 

There are areas of the website where dyslexics with a strong interest in literature, or who are pursuing a literary career, can connect with and support each other. 

The site is not just targeted to a dyslexic audience, there is also plenty of information for parents and teachers.



The website is currently being updated. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us or visit us again shortly.  We will be listing some of the changes we are making here. 

  • The Dysbooks forum is now up and running. 
  • We've added more reviews to the website and forum.
  • There is a new site background.
  • The section for books for adults is now complete.
  • The audio books section is complete.  
  • We are in the process of adding audio to every web page.